Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Code of conduct

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PostSubject: Code of conduct   Code of conduct I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2011 1:32 pm

The basic rules for how you act on the forum.

1. No harsh profanity.
2. No pornographic images or sexual references, this site could be removed if those are found, so we'd sooner ban you to save the site.
3. No outer religious debates.
4. Never argue a mod or admin; we're always right. Even when we're wrong we're right
5. Don't do the job of a mod or admin, we're pretty active and we can handle it. If you've got an issue just tell us about it
6. We reserve the right to edit your post for grammar and spelling mistakes, or if you're just really really bad at telling a story... That's what an RP is after all, you're telling a story about your character. Put in some emotion.
7. The last, and most important rule, no godmodding. We're pretty strict on this one, and we'll force you to edit your posts if we see flaws.
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Code of conduct
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