Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Addicted's characters WIP

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PostSubject: Addicted's characters WIP    Addicted's characters WIP  I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2011 9:22 pm

Name: Eno Hleran
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Factions: None
Class: (include 'major and minor' skills)
S: Combat
Attributes: Strength, Agility
Major: Destruction, Long Blade, Blunt Weapon, Conjuration, Heavy Armor.
Minor: Restoration, Hand to hand, Armorer, Alteration, Marksman.
Spells: "Zap" (Shock Damage 10pts for 5 secs on Target), "Thunderstorm" (Weakness to Shock Damage 50% for 5 sec on Target, Shock Damage 15pts for 5 sec on Target), "Refrigerator" (Frost Damage 10 pts for 3 secs on Target), "Summon Daedroth" (Summon Daedroth on Self for 60 sec), "Dwemer Animunculi" (Summon Centurion Sphere on Self for 120 sec), "Wound Healer" (Restore Health 10 pts for 10 sec on Self), "Cut Dissolver" (Restore Health 5 pts for 3 sec on Self), "Lock-Splitter" (Open 100 pts on Touch), "Hover" (Levitate 10 pts for 60 sec on Self).
Appearance: (you can post a pic or describe with words) He has a scar running from his left eye to his jawbone, and his hair is gray. He has no earrings, and he is a bit thin. He has muscles, and it shows when he takes off his clothes. His head is a bit pointy, bit circular, and his normal look is a bland one.
Personality: Resilient in feelings, except to his friends. He is silent and keeps most of his thoughts to himself. He is intelligent about the wilderness, and feels comfortable in the wilderness. Unlike most Dunmer, he's friendly to strangers, unless he's suspicious of them.
Equipment: He carries a Chitin bow, a bunch of Steel Arrows (around 50 normally), (various spells), a Glass Longsword, some various repair hammers, he wears Dwemer armor, and sometimes he carries a Dwarven Mace around with him, it depends on his mood.
How they came to be in morrowind/home: He was the son of Llevana Hleran, and out of the paranoid thought that the Sixth House was coming to get her family (out of good reason, as an Ascended Sleeper killed her husband, and Eno almost had a run-in with a Dreamer), abandoned Eno and he found this hut, where he still lives today.
Backstory/history: Eno was born in Ald’ruhn. His father died before he was born. He was abandoned by his mother for the good of him (see above^), and traveled all over Vvardenfell, searching for a safe haven, from the Sixth House and hostility. He learned much during his wilderness journey, and he finally decided to rest in a Dwemer Tower he found, north of Dagon Fel.
Any other info: He loves exploring, and goes out for daily jogs. He wants the Dunmeri ways back, and so does not like Hlaalu and the Empire. He likes Indoril, but does not affiliate himself with Indoril.

Name: Lleveth Blevil
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Factions: House Hlaalu, Morag Tong.
Class: (include 'major and minor' skills)
S: Stealth
Attributes: Agility, Speed
Major skills: Short Blade, Sneak, Light Armor, Security, Marksman,
Minor skills: Speechcraft, Illusion, Hand-to-hand, Restoration, Mercantile
Spells: "Hide" (Chameleon 99% for 60 sec on Self), "Rest" (Restore Health 10 pts for 5 sec on Self, Restore Fatigue 10 pts for 3 sec on Self).
Appearance: (you can post a pic or describe with words) Taller than the average Dunmer, he seems quite short at first, but when you get close, he's suddenly taller than you. Grey skin, ashy eyes, with pointy ears, he seems like a normal Dunmer. No scars on his face or chest, but his hands are covered in them from years of pilfering. His head is round, with black hair in a mohawk style.
Personality: Rude sometimes, but he is intelligent too. He is modest, but willing to take on any challenge. Obedient, but stubborn, sometimes. Suspicious of everything, but not xenophobic. He is generous and good-natured, but his feelings can sometimes get in the way.
Equipment: He wears Glass Armour, he uses a Steel Dagger in his missions and battle, he sometimes uses spells to enhance his thievery and heal himself, he carries Steel Bow, some Bonemold Arrows, a bunch of Lockpicks, a few scrolls, and some clothes.
How they came to be in morrowind/home: He was born in Morrowind. Specifically Narsis.
He is well liked by the people, because he has done a lot of good deeds for them.
Backstory/history: He was born in Narsis. His parents are still living in Narsis, along with him. He hates Argonians for no apparent reason, but it's probably because of the consistent attacks on Narsis by a group of Argonian bandits, which caused a few deaths of people that were close to him.
Any other info: Yes, he's my Battle for the East character, but a bit different. Also, he has a dislike towards mages.

Name: J'Zhar(no, he's not a corpse)
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Khajiit
Factions: Thieves Guild
Class: (include 'major and minor' skills)
S: Stealth
Attributes: Agility, Speed
M: Security, Sneak, Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor
m: Speechcraft, Hand to hand, Alchemy, Illusion, Long Blade
Spells: "Chameleon" (Chameleon 100% for 30 sec on Self).
Appearance: (you can post a pic or describe with words) He has bulges of fur around his mouth, like a mustache and beard, his fur is orange-yellow, has a few orange stripes, has furry ears, and has sharp teeth.
Equipment: Chitin armor, Glass helm, lockpicks, mortar and pestle, ingredients, Glass dagger, spells, Steel Longbow, and Steel arrows.
How they came to be in morrowind/home: His parents immigrated to Morrowind after not liking the influence to their child from the skooma addicts back in Elsweyr. They were respectful of Moon Sugar, but hated the addicts of skooma. They moved to Morrowind then.
Backstory/history: ^ He was once a slave in his own province, and then by means of trickery, he and his family escaped. He is an only child, as his sister got killed by a Nord bandit. He hates Nords because of this.
Any other info: He travels frequently in search of jobs as a thief, and he lives in Balmora. HIs parents live in Vivec. J'Zhar hates all slave owners and traders, and really hates the Camonna Tong.

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Addicted's characters WIP
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