Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Sloady's Character (may add more later)

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PostSubject: Sloady's Character (may add more later)   Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:58 pm

Name: Urvel Indoril
Age: 524
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Appearance: Urvel is a stereotypical Dunmer in all but a few ways. His skin is slightly paler than most, more like a dirty white than a grey. He is slightly shorter than the average Dunmer, and slightly more toned than the average noble, because of his out of office outings. His black hair is offset by the slightest hint of red, and his eyes a brighter red than normal.
Background: Urvel was born the son of a high ranking noble in House Indoril, Ulos Indoril, in Mournhold. As a child, he was raised to be a well respected noble. And indeed, he pretended to be one. In his private time however, he caused a great deal of anonymous mischief with stable and serving boys he met during his more public life. This duality continued throughout his life. While in public, he acted as a well respected, well loved, and mostly importantly to his father, well behaved noble, but in secret, he had ties with every criminal, lowlife and undesirable in Mournhold. However, his cause was not entirely nefarious. Raised with Indoril values, he was bitter against the Imperials, bitter at the fall of his house, bitter at the decline of Dunmeri culture, and Indoril influence on it. And so, he plots... with Indoril, and his unsavory affiliates, he plots.
Affiliations: Councilman of House Indoril, unofficial ties with Camonna Tong, Morang Tong, Dark Brotherhood (knowledge of, contacts within, but not member of.)
Class: Shady Noble (custom):
Favored Attributes: Intelligence, Agility
Major: Short Blade, Illusion, Speechcraft, Mercantile, Sneak
Minor: Destruction, Light Armor, Unarmored, Alteration, Security
Equipment: When in court: Expensive Black and Gold Clothing, no jewellery, ornamental Steel Shortsword.
During "missions": Netched Leather Armor, black hood, Ebony Shortsword[b]
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Sloady's Character (may add more later)
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