Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Ling Tyler Sow

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ling sow

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Name: Ling Tyler Sow
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Race: Argonian
Factions: Dark Brotherhood
Class: mage with light armor and weaponry
Spells: invisibility, unlock, paralyze, shock, cure disease
Appearance: red and green skin stands very tall with multiple scars covering face
personality: secretive, low self-esteem, likes to deceive his enemies
equipment Dark brotherhood robes, Blade of Woe
Home: Born in the swamps as a shadow scale he was adopted by the Dark Brotherhood.
Ling was born in the Black marshes during a war with Dark Elves born under the sign of the shadow he was examined by the Dark Brother hood and said they would comeback one day to claim him. He was raised and as expected took a liking to sneaking around and when he was very young loved to play hide and seek.
During his child hood years Ling took an interest in daggers and agility going through constant training he was also taught about the war and quickly grew a hatred towards the Dark Elves who enslaved his people and swore to kill them when he had a chance to in the dark.
during his pre-teen and beginner teen years Ling started to be sent on assassination missions on the enemy were he showed great promise as an assassin he quickly rose through the ranks killing many enemy commanders and generals while they slept in the middle of enemy camps proving to be a great asset the Black Marsh leaders even started putting him on internal assassination missions along with his common killing of enemy leaders.
as ling slowly became an adult he was shown great and powerful magic to help with his assassinations making him even more effective he became the lead assassin of the black marsh with 100% mission effecincy he even took out targets while their guards watched over them he learned how to be an archer but never used his bow since he preferred to use his dagger to end his enemy life from behind.
During his early adult years Ling was contacted by the dark brotherhood. Being taken from the black marshes to become a professional assassin he met with the other of the brotherhood who quickly became his family he now lives in Morrowind Working full time for the Dark Brotherhood.

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Ling Tyler Sow
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