Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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Name: High Mage Ocoto of Summerset
Age: 200s
Sex: Male
Race: Altmer
Class: High Mage
Favoured Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower
Specialisation: Magic
Major Skills: Destruction, Conjuration, Alchemy, Enchanting and Alteration
Minor Skills: Mysticism, Illusion, Mercantile, Sneak, Short Blade
Description: Ocoto is in every way an Altmer. A pure-blood supremist and a devout worshipper of Au-riel. He has white-blond hair that stretches to his shoulders and golden-skin. his bright blue eyes are sharp, displaying his intellect.
Equipment: Enchanted Mage Robes, a Staff of Fire and a glass dagger
How they came to be in Vivec City: He came there searching for a staff that was stronger than his own.
Backstory/history: Born into a very esteemed family of wizards, mages and magicians, it came as no surprise that Ocoto was extremely gifted in the Arcane. Casting basic healing spells by two and incinerating enemies by four, he was immediately sent to the amges' Guild. After a dispute with them over them allowing non-Altmers to join, he became disenchanted with them, but remained with them.
Factions: Mages' Guild
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POMC's Characters
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