Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Morag Tong Guild Hall

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PostSubject: Morag Tong Guild Hall   Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:23 pm

Irvam strolled through Sadrith Mora and ascended the familiar flight of steps that lead to the Morag Tong Guild. He pushed open the portal and stepped inside, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the light.

He was greeted by Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe, who was sitting beside a small lamp reading.

"Greetings brother, what news?" Dunsalipal asked.

"I have returned from another successful trip to Cyrodiil," Irvam explained, "I will return to Vivec City as soon as I have taken care of business in Sadrith Mora. I must give my full report to the Grandmaster as you know. I will tell you this, the Brotherhood is a growing threat and it is imperative I seek out their Night Mother in Morrowind."
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Morag Tong Guild Hall
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