Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 Duruza's Characters: WIP

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PostSubject: Duruza's Characters: WIP   Duruza's Characters: WIP I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 10:33 am

Name: Duruza Hlaalu, by Grace of Almsivi, Honored Councilor of Hlaalu Council, Vvardenfell District
Age: 50s
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Class: Councilman of Great House Hlaalu
Favoured Attributes: Strength, Agility
Specialisation: Stealth Arts
Major Skills: Long Blade, Marksman, Destruction, Speechcraft, Light Armour
Minor Skills: Mercantile, Mysticism, Short Blade, Alteration, Unarmoured
Description: Duruza may be a Councilman and a politician, but he was raised to be a traditional Dunmer warrior. Skilled in the balanced use of the Blade, Bow and powerful destruction magic, he is agile quick dealing powerful blows to his enemies. Duruza's primary skill is that with words and he is both a fine diplomat and orator. He has a keen mind for business and trade and an appretiation for the native Magicks of his people.
Equipment: Duruza is normally garbed in Exquisite clothing, donning a suit of fine Glass Armour forged from Glass from Hlaalu's mines on Vvardenfell for official occasions or on the feild of battle. Additionally, he carries twin Glass Katanas and a Bow.
How they came to be in Vivec City: Duruza moved to Vvardenfell District after leaving the Hlaalu Council in Narsis to further the House's interests on the island. He took up residence on the Odai Plateau and came to Vivec to acquaint himself with his fellow Councilmen in the area and with Duke Vedam Dren of Vvardenfell in Ebonheart.
Backstory/history: Born to a noble family, Duruza was schooled in the traditional ways of the Dunmer. Although his family supported King Helseth's moves to bring peace to Morrowind, they still remained true to the old ways of ancestor worship and the following of the teachings of Saint Veloth. After mastering the Dunmer ways of the warrior, Duruza served his House during the Arnesian War, earning himself glory on the battlefield and quickly rising through the ranks of his House to finally take his late-Father's place on the Hlaalu Council in Narsis, before relocating to the Odai Plateau.
Factions: House Hlaalu, Tribunal Temple, East Empire Company
Any other info:

Name: Indoril Thoryn
Age: 50-60s
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Class: Dunmeri Warrior Priest
Favoured Attributes: Strength, Agility
Specialisation: Combat Arts
Major Skills: Long Blade, Marksman, Destruction, Mysticism, Medium Armour
Minor Skills: Armourer, Restoration, Alchemy, Block, Speechcraft
Appearance: Thoryn is grey ash-skinned with hair the colour of ravens and eyes as red as the foyadas. He is of about average hight amongst his people, with a relatively muscled build. A scar runs along his upper left arm, a memento of a battle of old, another marking his right cheekbone below the eye.
Description: Thoryn trained for many years as a Dunmer Knight and Crusader. He is skilled in the traditional Dunmer integrated combat of Blade, Bow and Destructive Magic, and is particularly proficient with a Blade. He prefers Medium and Light Armours, and is a fair smith. He has a basic knowledge of herbs and plants and is a student of the schools of Mysticism and Restoration. As a priest and noble, Thoryn is also a sophisticated orator. In addition, Thoryn is blessed with the natural resistance to fire that all Dunmer possess, and is protected by his Ancestral Spirits. Being born under the Warrior, Thoryn is more nimble and evasive than common folk. Thoryn is a skilled warrior and a devout follower of the Temple and its teachings. His combat style relies on agility and speed, as much as power and strength. As such, he is untrained in more brutal forms of combat. In essence, Thoryn is as susceptible to physical harm as other mortal men, and cannot compare to the warriors of the Orcs or Nords in brute strength and endurance.
Equipment: An Ebony Longsword and a Bonemold Long Bow, with Chitin and Bonemold Arrows. A near full set of Indoril Armour, minus the face of Nerevar
How they came to be in Vivec City: Thoryn made the pilgrimage to Vivec City to serve once again as an Ordinator and to follow the guidence of the Almsivi through the Tribunal Temple in Vivec
Backstory/history: Thoryn is a son of House Indoril, and was born into relative wealth and prosperity. In Morrowind, Thoryn had much wealth, due to the position of his family, however, as the Empire grew in Morrowind House Indoril declined and Thoryn left the House to wander as a pilgrim and remove himself from the bitter politics that the Empire had brought, in doing so following the guidance of Saint Veloth and devoting himself to his ancestor Indoril Nerevar.
Factions: House Indoril, Tribunal Temple, Ordinators (Order of )
Any other info:

Name: Fendryn Andrethi
Age: late 30s
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Class: Spellsword
Favoured Attributes: Strength, Willpower
Specialisation: Magic Arts
Major Skills: Long Blade, Marksman, Destruction, Mysticism, Alteration
Minor Skills: Illusion, Light Armour, Alchemy, Enchant, Restoration
How they came to be in Vivec City:
Any other info:
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Duruza's Characters: WIP
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