Before the Nereverine Came to Vvardenfell
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 The Ashlander's Characters

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PostSubject: The Ashlander's Characters   The Ashlander's Characters I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 3:13 pm

Please tell me if there is a place I should do some greetings;

Name: Dram Rethan

Age: 32 (Human Age-Round About 24)

Sex: Male

Race: Dunmer

Factions: House Hlaalu

Class: Acrobat (Major: Short Blade, Marksman, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor) (Minor: Athletics, Lockpicking, Speechcraft, Mercantile, Alchemy)

Appearance: Dram had rather pale skin for a Dunmer, and his eyes were were reddest of red. He has a scar just over his right eye that he recieved in an ambush from some bandits several months previous. He was rather lean, attributing to his accrobatic style of combat, he
is also a very athletic fellow, being able to run and swim for a long time before getting tired.

Equipment: A set of dark chitin armour , with Hlaalu symbols engraved on the braces and the

How they came to be in morrowind/home: He used to live in Narsis for most of his life with his father, but his service with House Hlaalu brought him to Suran as a temporary councillor.

Backstory/history: He used to live with his father, the House Hlaalu Councillor Laalam Rethan and his mother a Morag Tong assassin. He has two brothers, Andarys Rethan a Hlaalu ambassador to the Empire in Imperial Coty, and Anu Rethan, a soldier in the Imperial Legion based in Deathshead in Gnisis. The Suran Hlaalu councillor had recently fallen ill, so Dram had to move there to satisy the council as a temporary councillor as they sorted out a more permanant councillor.

Any other info: He has a rather acrobat style of combat, often confusing the more average enemies. He is a worshiper of the Tribunal, but he has respect for the Anticipations.

May add some more.
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The Ashlander's Characters
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